Has Box Critters changed direction?

Box Critters has been in the works for a little bit now and it seems that its taken a huge change in direction.

Back in early 2017 we were given glimpses of what Box Critters would look like:

These art styles were originally produced for a different game idea

A couple years ago we planned to create a game called Lexicon Heroes. The idea was to create a word-based puzzle game where you break items into letters and create new items with letters. Sadly our studio was not ready to make this game. The game and the artwork was put into our vault. Waiting for a new opportunity.

I loved the artwork and decided to drop the word-game and create a new Virtual World. My goal is to create a world where you explore and collect boxes with your friends. It will make sense in time. Keep following to learn more.

(Facebook Post, 5th April 2017)


Rocket Snail over the months of 2017, started to create and develop the game following this art style. There were various concepts along with a video of the world being developed. I thought the style of it looked pretty cool… it reminded me of the game crossy roads.

For months there were new images, concepts and even a chance to test out moving a critter in a small empty world. However all of a sudden the style of the game has changed. Rocket Snail was the creator of Club Penguin and it always seems to be a part of him (which myself and a lot of fans appreciate).

In January 2019, Rocket Snail revealed a whole different direction for Box Critters, one that I’m really excited for. It now follows that famous art style we all love. The one from Club Penguin. In the first new sneak peek we see Ham Tavern, a little room that brings out features from our favourite rooms of Club Penguins… the coffee tables from the coffee shop, the ship feel making it look a little like the Migrator, the stage, instruments and lights from the Dance Club and Lighthouse. There’s loads more little things, but I’ll let you find them for yourselves.

Another change with Box Critters is the fact that Rocketsnail now says it will be a lite-RPG. Think Club Penguin meets Runescape. I’ve never played Runescape but always wanted to, the adventures seemed appealing. If Box Critters was like Club Penguin with Adventures and levelling up, then this game could be big.

I’m so excited to see where Box Critters could take us, who knows, it could be as big as Club Penguin once was! What do you think? Are you looking forward to Box Critters? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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